Somerset Native Flew on Little-Known First Flight Across the Atlantic

Somerset Native Flew on Little-Known First Flight Across the Atlantic

Dozens of people had flown the Atlantic ocean by the time Lindbergh made his historical non-stop flight from New York to Paris in 1927. The first flight was made in May 1919 from New York to Plymouth, England, in a six-man, four-engine navy flying boat.

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Rhoads, who died in 1975, unexpectedly found himself part of the Navy’s effort to claim bragging rights as sponsor of the first flight across the Atlantic Ocean.

The Accidental Record Setter. The first truly solo flight across the pacific ocean wasn’t made until after world war ii, and by then, it got little attention.. The first time an airplane flew across the Pacific Ocean with a crew of one, it wasn’t completely alone. On October 28, 1947.

1: Flaubert’s Parrot. Six North Africans were playing boules beneath Flaubert’s statue. Clean cracks sounded over the grumble of jammed traffic. With a final, ironic caress from the fingertips, a brown hand dispatched a silver globe. It landed, hopped heavily, and curved in a slow scatter of hard dust.

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Amelia Earhart becomes first woman to fly across the Atlantic After Charles Lindbergh’s solo flight across the Atlantic in 1927, Amy Phipps Guest, (1873-1959), expressed interest in being the first woman to fly (or be flown) across the Atlantic Ocean.

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14-15 October 1927: Dieudonn Costes and Joseph Le Brix flew a Breguet XIX GR, serial number 1685, across the South Atlantic Ocean from Saint-Louis, Senegal, to Port Natal, Brazil. This was the first non-stop South Atlantic crossing by an airplane. The 2,100-mile (3,380 kilometer) flight took just over 18 hours.

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