When wives earn more than their husbands, their marriage is less likely to last

When wives earn more than their husbands, their marriage is less likely to last

 · The wives would say they earn less, while the husbands will claim they make more. In the case of Nina* , she learned that honesty was the best policy. She has been with her current employer for more than a decade, and in all that time, her salary was always higher compared to her husband’s take-home pay.

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When Wives Earn More Than Their Husbands, Both Partners Are in Denial About It. and over-report men's earnings likely to conform with the societal. marriage rates decline when a woman has the potential to out-earn her husband.. when a husband is out-earned by his wife, he does less housework,

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The researchers found that in marriages in which the woman earned more than their husbands, couples were more likely to divorce and more likely to report marital distress, compared with households in which the man earned more. They also found that in cities where women earned more than men, overall marriage rates were lower.

 · It is no longer particularly rare for women to be the main breadwinner – in the US a quarter of wives now earn more than their husbands – but what is.

Here’s an example commonly seen in couples therapy: A husband brings up a topic his wife doesn’t want to discuss. that.

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 · When men earn less than their wives, both spouses lie about it. The overall effect distorts the family’s total self-reported income, overstating it by about 2.9% when husbands do the survey and understating it by about 1.5% when wives do. That’s not helpful for anyone: Census data fuels research on everything from health to income inequality,

 · Money and marriage: Last year my wife earned 100 times more than me’. Within a generation it is likely more women will be supporting households than men.’. out-earned by their.

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